About Us - X-Forces Police

In 2012 X-Forces had a vision to further enterprise learning and bring more successful business start-up models into the market. Having seen first-hand how organisations such as the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development boasted 90% success rates of their micro-financing to Eastern European Countries, why were we as UK PLC’s ready to accept 60% success rates?

After a year of extensive research and working with leading experts within finance, corporate engagement and government policy, X-Forces developed a blueprint for the self-employment of ex military personnel, forming our sister organisation X-Forces Enterprise (XFE).  For X-Forces, this was a fundamental win which gave us hope that a rounded and holistic solution was possible and now being blueprinted for the police community with X-Forces Police (XFP).

Today, XFP has evolved from work already done within the military community and as of September 2019, we have supported 172 individuals into self-employment facilitating seed capital of almost £2million, combined these communities have the coveted position of being one of the most successful business start-up cohorts in the UK.

To find out more about how X-Forces Police can support you, get in touch with us today.